Tips For Intelligent DNP Usage

DNP is a very scary drug – but a very useful drug at the same time. Used incorrectly, it can lead to blindness, nausea, dizziness, profuse sweating, yellow body fluid emission, and very bad breath. Additionally, heavy use above recommended guidelines on dosage can lead to brain damage and death. Just as you would find yourself in the hospital under a bed of ice cubes to save your brain cells if your body temperature reached 105 degrees from the flu, you’ll be in that same spot from DNP use, if you are lucky enough to reach the hospital in time. DNP use is serious business. Here are some ideas for intelligent use.

Start at a respectable body fat percentage

Some bodybuilders will use steroids on and off for 2 to 5 years, develop some muscle, but store it beneath an unhealthy amount of body fat. After 3 or 4 weeks on a diet, they will quit out of frustration, because they’re still in the high twenties in terms of body fat. Don’t fall into this trap. DNP is very useful for bringing a 12% body fat bodybuilding down to 5% for a show. However, if you are currently well over 20 percent, you aren’t read for DNP. There are many ways to lose fat when you are still this heavy. Diet and exercise are the best methods. As you get closer to single-digit body fat, it does become much tougher, which facilitates the need for compounds such as DNP.

Begin with low doses

You can’t just “shock” your body into dealing with an elevated temperature and boosted metabolism. You have to ramp up your DNP use slowly so that your body’s fragile systems are not damaged. Most bodybuilders will begin DNP usage with 200 mcg daily for the first several days. After four to seven days of this lower dosage, you should be ready for a bump up to 400 mcg per day.

Don’t be afraid to stop

Remember that losing body fat is a cumulative effort. There may be weeks in your diet where you don’t shed any body fat at all, and there may be weeks where you lose 1 to 2 pounds of solid fat. The only thing that matters is how you look on the day of the show, and how much weight you have lost by then. If you have found the side effects of DNP to be overwhelming you, take a day or two off. Then return to moderate (200 mcg) daily use of DNP and see if you can enjoy its benefits without suffering too much from the side effects.

Stack it with ECA

DNP is very effective on its own, but even more useful when used in conjunction with ECA (25 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, and 250 mg aspirin), taken twice daily. The two compounds take different absorption pathways and work incredibly well together in the final weeks before a bodybuilding show when energy levels are lowest and need to shed fat is at its highest!

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