Clenbuterol and DermaTropin – The Combo For Getting Tighter Abs

Q: I’ve been scarfing down 10 Clenbuterol a day, plus the DermaTropin I read about in the last issue, and my “abs” is really getting deep and etched! What’s your take on this combo?

A: Good Lord man, 10 Clen a day is a bit much and could lead to some serious health risks, including heart trouble! Sure, this many Clen plus the DermaTropin will get you shredded but you need to cut way back on the Clen! Why not take just two Clen a day, plus another fat-burner like TriaTherm, which works on stimulating more active thyroid hormone, plus its highly thermogenic, so now you save three more moderate mechanisms to burn fat! This way, you won’t “fry” yourself and become a frazzled wreck on Clenbuterol. I’m all for the real pharmaceuticals but use some common sense and don’t go overboard on the doses. Use Clen as a “tool” instead of a weep on against yourself. However, you may not even need to use Clen at all because of the potency of TriaTherm many different fat-burning pathway! And let’s not forget how “magical” DermaTropin is because it is truly a legit GH compound and causes noticeable, seeable results in GH releasing which then has a direct correlation with your body fat especially your abdominal fat! Plus, let’s not forget that lots of GH release will result in lots of positive nitrogen balance, which all bodybuilders crave! So cut back on the Clen, add some TriaTherm and keep using the DermaTropin and you’ll get Abs worthy of a Greek God. Oh, and don’t forget how “young looking” you’ll be once DermaTropin starts regenerating facial collagen!

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