effective compound for shedding body fat

An Effective Compound For Shedding Body Fat

Ephedrine is quite the effective compound for helping bodybuilders to shed body fat and retain high energy levels as the rigors of dieting begin to take their toll upon the body. However, the recommended dosage is often too much for some bodybuilders to safely handle. Let’s examine the possible benefits of running a “half dose” of ephedrine in terms of helping you to meet your fat loss goals while dealing with a minimal amount of side effects.

The standard dosing of ECA is comprised of 200 mg caffeine, 25 mg ephedrine, and 200 mg aspirin. This it to be taken first thing in the morning upon rising, – and on an empty stomach. The bodybuilder is to then immediately complete his daily cardiovascular exercise. This will force the body to utilize fat stores, instead of reverting to the use of sugar or carbohydrates in the bloodstream. This is the full dose of ephedrine and users will certainly see huge changes in their body from running this. Often, bodybuilders will add a second dose with their late afternoon meal. This will continue the thermogenic fat-burning effects well into the evening.

Every year, we hear stories of bodybuilders in their 20s and 30s who fall over from a heart “defect” now and then. They may collapse in the gym, or just not wake up one morning. We’ll never know if that AM was the first day they ran 2 shots of ECA at full dose. Autopsy reports would not check for such a compound, and if it was a common over-the-counter medication, it would be of no notice at any rate.

One method for avoiding this potential risk, while still enjoying the terrific benefits of ECA, would be to run a partial “half dose”. Instead of the full 200 mg of caffeine, crack the round yellow pill in half, and stick with 100 mg. Instead of the full 200 or even 325 mg of aspirin that is taken with the RCA dose, simply take a Bayer 81 mg Heart health, or baby aspirin. You will still see the bumped metabolism, the increased energy, and the lack of a feedback loop to turn this combination off. But what you will likely avoid is the sweating, jitters, and heart palpitations which often accompany the full dose. It’s nearly impossible to tell which among us has an undiagnosed heart defect. It’s better to use small doses of potent medication stacks like ECA and never know, than to suffer a personal tragedy from a reaction. You will still see the benefits of ECA at this half-dose, but you’ll see fewer side effects.

An additional benefit of running this smaller dose is that it is far less addictive. Running 400 mg of caffeine per day, along with coffee, tea, and any diet soda you may drink, is highly addictive. You’ll suffer lasting, dull headaches when trying to withdraw. It’s better to avoid such an intense addiction in the first place. If you notice the half-dose of ECA isn’t as effective as you’d like, you always retain the option of bumping up your dose. However, you won’t be dependent and your body will still be receptive to the bigger dose, which is very good for long-term health and fat loss goals.

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