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Are You In Need Of Testosterone Supplementation?

If you’re twenty years old and reading this article, use it for research, but come back in five years for actual application. Your testosterone levels are already sky-high and moderate testosterone supplementation won’t benefit you much. Rather, it may tell your brain to slow it’s already very effective testosterone production. If you are a competitive bodybuilder reading this, use this knowledge later when you step back from your high-testosterone stack and seek something to moderately improve your suddenly-crashed T-levels. If you’re 30 or older, testosterone supplementation might be a solution for you. Many women in the post-menopausal phase fine testosterone supplementation to be useful as well for keeping body hormone levels in check.

Testosterone is naturally produced in the body by the testes. How much testosterone is produced by them is controlled by the pituitary glad of the endocrine system. As we age, our pituitary gland tells our testes to produce less and less testosterone. This is why men tend to lose sexual function, muscle mass, and energy as they age. If you’ve ever seen a highly energetic older man with good muscle mass, it’s likely he either has naturally high testosterone levels, or is using supplemental testosterone. The differences in older men who use it versus those who don’t use it are astounding.

Moderate testosterone supplementation has many great side effects. Aside from the commonly known effects such as added muscle mass and increased sexual prowess, testosterone supplementation can stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. There are negative side effects are well. If the body is pre-destined to develop some kinds of cancers or suffer from male pattern baldness, testosterone supplementation might accelerate it. Additionally, testosterone use may increase the size of the prostate, which begins growing in men around age 40 naturally.

There is often a negative stigma which accompanies the use of testosterone as “cheating” or “steroids”. The truth is that it occurs naturally in our bodies. The only “cheating” that is going on is simply changing our testosterone levels at age 60 to that of your grandchildren. A 20-year old isn’t cheating by having testosterone levels at a high level, so why would his grandfather be cheating at anything by using a simple medicine to help raise his own levels?

Remember that testosterone supplementation for adults is something entirely different from injecting large amounts of testosterone into the body for vanity or muscle-building purposes. Testosterone supplementation is used to improve health and vitality. The added muscle mass and lowered body fat is only a bonus!

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