There has been misconception concerning the usage of anabolic androgenic steroids and the dimensions of testosterone in the human metabolic scheme of things. It is true that libido is raised by increasing the ingestion rate of testosterone in men suffering from the case of hypogonadism. Conversely, some experiments carried out have shown that testosterone also affects the activity of the tissue with which is used in the making of the penis.

What this means in the cases of hypo-gonadism is that the production of the oxide of nitrogen in the tissue of the penis may be lacking or not enough to sustain an erection leading to an erection of the poorest quality due to inefficiency in the process of the penile muscle relaxation. Nitric Oxide being an agent of proper functioning of the penis has been observed to be heavily dependent on androgen compounds. If proved to be right beyond any reasonable doubt, it could be an established fact that testosterone has both central role which is the most fundamental long-term function in our sexual lives and the peripheral role which is crucial in deriving sexual satisfaction in the short-term. This could be a very exciting discovery.

In the case of men who have been identified to be deficient of testosterone, whether temporary or permanent and are suffering from erectile dysfunction, they can be taken through the rigors of a test involving the administration of testosterone. This could be done as the precursor to the more established therapies and tests. It could help in proving or discrediting the idea that testosterone may in deed have a peripheral function. In case the normal potency returns upon the use of this therapy, there should be further experiments involving the androgen to find instances of further peripheral function on the sexual realm of animal life. For instance, testoderm may be positioned in a site that is hidden so that it will not be necessary to make use of other agents that hasten the rate of permeation.

Nonetheless, there could be more deep-rooted adversities than the ones which have been under the finger of discussion. The cause of impotence for elderly people could be looked from different points of view. If the therapy involving the use a replacement approach does not succeed in returning the sexual functioning to the normal status but provides a solution with regard to the libido problem, the grounds for moving on and carrying advanced tests with the use of will not be taken to justified.

This will be a situation that requires the physician to apply wisdom carefully and weigh the possibility of potential improvement with the possible adverse effects likely to follow were he to continue with the medication. There could be many factors for such a problem. Thus, these people could give the wrong findings if the findings were collected and theirs formed the majority of the population group. In most of the cases, it is those individuals within their older age that report erectile dysfunction related issues.

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