A Detailed Look At The Steroid, Laurabolin

Laurabolin is a popular steroid which is fairly effective in leading to gains in mass and strength. Let’s learn a little bit about the steroid known as Laurabolin.

What were its original uses?

Like many drugs, Laurabolin was initially used in the veterinary world. It quickly found its way into human use via Mexico, when researchers discovered it was useful for building muscle mass and strength in humans.

Is it true that Laurabolin is a lot like Deca?

Yes – most characteristics of Deca are those of Laurabolin. These include gains in lean muscle mass, and boosts in strength, particularly in movements such as the squat and bench press. Increased recovery ability is guaranteed, as is a curbing of cortisol and other catabolic function that occurs with lifting. In other words, you preserve more of your muscle. Additionally, Laurabolin is useful for battling muscle-wasting ailments.

Are the side effects the same as well?

Yes, the side effects are mirrored as well. This doesn’t bode well for those seeking to avoid the erectile dysfunction or “Deca Dick” that often accompanies the use of Deca-Durabolin. However, just as when running Deca, you usually want to run testosterone with is to ensure your sex drive remains constant. With testosterone supplementation, problems with sex drive are typically non-existent!

How fast will my gains come with Laurabolin?

Alone, gains will be slow and steady as with Laurabolin. When stacked with testosterone, they will come significantly faster. Most intermediate and advanced bodybuilders who use AAS tend to prefer stacks to help stimulate the muscle receptors on multiple different levels, and make gains much faster.

Is Laurabolin as affordable as Deca?

Laurabolin is actually cheaper than Deca, available for about 2/3 the price.

What kind of doses should I use?

50 mg per week is standard dosing, administered every other day.

Can female athletes use Laurabolin?

Absolutely. The drug is popular among women because its effects are less than that of testosterone. This is desirable for female bodybuilders hoping to avoid the nasty side effects that come with high testosterone levels. Men use the drug because it sits well in stacks with testosterone and is a good replacement for Deca when none is available. By itself, however, it might be considered when no other AAS is available, or when the user just wishes to run a small, maintenance cycle.

If it’s a low dose hormone, do I need to worry about PCT?

Post-cycle therapy is necessary with any anabolic or androgenic steroid you use. A failure to run an AI or SERM following your cycle will allow your testosterone levels to plummet, while your estrogen levels skyrocket. Most bodybuilders know the two dreaded side effects that occur when this happens. First, you lose a great deal of muscle. Second, you are more than likely going to develop gynecomastia. If you take your physique seriously and would like to be able to take your shirt off without displaying the dreaded gyno, it is absolutely essential to run PCT following your cycle,  even if it’s only a small cycle of Laurabolin!

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