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Q:  I’ve used Test Prop in past cycles to lean out, but have had trouble recently getting any Test Prop.

But, someone told me the other day that in his opinion, it didn’t matter what test you used. Would Test E be all right to lean out with?  I’d run it probably with EQ and Winstrol –maybe a little Tren. What do you think?

A: Test is a good basis for any cycle and I think that every cycle should have a testosterone ester somewhere in sight.

Test E is fine, and combining it with EQ and Winstrol is a great plan.

The water retention will be low; you’ll still gain muscle and lose fat like crazy with a good diet. Actually, if you don’t have too much to lose, then minimize cardio and diet harder.

Hardening is what you want, if you don’t have a lot to lose, so the androgen heavy EQ would help, but so would other androgens like Anadrol.

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