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Adding Oxandrolone To Your Testosterone Stack

Are you an intermediate bodybuilder looking for a little kick to add to your testosterone cycle? If so, you may want to look into Oxandrolone. It’s a low-powered oral anabolic that helps to make other cycles better, or can be fairly effective when used alone.

We can probably all agree that most beginner bodybuilders benefit most from a standard cycle based on the use of a single testosterone injectable each week. It’s not all that fancy, but it sure is effective, particularly in those early months of use when the receptors in your muscles are at their most sensitive. It is ideal in the long-term sense to use very small doses of testosterone, in the neighborhood of 200 to 400 mg per week. This cycle should be followed with a similar cycle, and your third cycle might be something a little stronger. 600 mg testosterone per week should be more than adequate for that third run with AAS.

Oxandrolone is effective for that 4th cycle when you need something to add to your testosterone to make it more effective. Or, other users will choose to run it during the first few weeks of a cycle. This will help to generate some immediate gains, since injectable testosterone usually takes 14 to 28 days to cause blood testosterone levels to rise to a level where new strength and muscle can be generated. In fact, during the first two weeks of use, some users actually see a reduction in blood T levels. Their natural production will halt immediately, but their artificial levels won’t rise for two more weeks. Oxandrolone can be used to bolster your levels for this short-term window. Use it for 4 weeks, and then take 4 weeks off. Always allow 4 to 6 weeks of rest from orals as you end your injectable cycle. This will give your liver a break from the toxicity before you start up your PCT drugs (post-cycle therapy compounds), which are oral tablets which can cause liver damage.

Oxandrolone should only be used for up to two months at a time. If you are having blood work done before and after your cycle, you can stay on Oxandrolone for up to 12 weeks. The reality of the situation is that despite the repeated warnings from steroid experts, most users will not have a blood panel done. This is why the eight week window is ideal. Even though the drug is weak, it is still an oral which, when taken three times per day, can lead to some long-term implications when used for months at a time. Keep its use at 8 weeks and you will be fine.

You can use Oxandrolone alone, if your circumstances dictate no other compounds are available. Will your results be as good as you would see with a heavier cycle of testosterone? No, they will not. However, they will be much better than you would see with zero anabolics. Consider this drug to be a last resort for boost testosterone levels when no other ester is available in injectable form, as well as an aid for getting cycles started faster.

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