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Effects Of Steroids On The Health Of Women

Steroids are the major agents of functional change in the body. Steroids contain testosterone while women’s bodies don’t. Their reproductive system is bound to change because testosterone is a sex hormone. When the testosterone is synthetic this compounds the problem because the does not respond the same way to such steroids the way it does to the natural ones.

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There is also the risk that the features that define the female gender in women change after indulgence in steroid use and abuse. When the characteristics that define the female gender in a woman are interfered with, the resulting situation is called virilization. It is also associated with the emergence of the characteristics of the members of the male gender.

The features to look for therefore are those that we always associate with men. It is a rather sad situation which ought to deter women from ever trying on these dangerous substances, but they don’t. Supposed your voice deepened such that every time you speak everyone stops to probe into whether the voice came from the right source.

Baldness can hit when least expected especially among adolescent and middle-aged women. When testosterone is introduced into the body, it results into the reduction in the levels of estrogen. This means that the level of progesterone will be low since the stimulation of estrogen is no longer there.

Progesterone is the hormone which is responsible for ensuring Implantation of the fertilized egg and maintenance of pregnancy for nine months. Lower levels will therefore render the woman unable to conceive. In the long-term this leads to inefficiency of the reproductive system and eventual barrenness. The inefficiency may present itself in the form of miscarriage and difficulties when conceiving.

The menstrual cycle slows down and finally ceases altogether. Infertility that results in women as a result of steroid overuse may be permanent, unlike in men where it can be remedied.

The risk accruing to women who are using steroids is notoriously high. They risk losing the pregnancy prematurely or giving birth to a child with severe mental and physical complications or even retardation.

Even more disturbing is the situation where a child is born with the characteristics of both male and female gender. This condition is called pseudohermanphroditism. The traits may involve both the sexual and physical characteristics. This situation compounds the dismorphia that may have compelled them into using the steroids in the first place. The result may range from stress to depression, according to the extent of abuse.

It should also be noted that steroids are addictive and affects the way humans make judgment and the speed of learning. That is why it is better to be satisfied with the way you are. Don’t yearn for the easy way to sporting and fitness glory. It would be better if you worked hard at it. It only works against you if you use steroids because these substances cost quite a fortune and with the addictive drive you may be forced to live a miserable life so as to be able to afford the next dose.

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