the prevalence of steroid usage in women

The Prevalence Of Steroid Usage In Women

As the days go by, change has been inevitable in all dimensions of our life, from the medical world to the downright clinical foundations. Even in the social lives of men, transformation has been a common and outright endeavor, with most issues regarded as gender related, which at some point in our lives brought about the re-known battle of the sexes. Mostly this was a result of one gender infringing on the rights of the other gender, more so men treating women as soft creatures or as secondary children in their stride, this in a way has brought women at logger heads with men who hold these kinds of values. But in the bodybuilding sphere, the picturesque disposition has been somehow different from this observation.

The world has been catapulted into a labyrinth of performance oriented issues, as the world keeps on worshipping athletics and championing bodybuilders as role models, making most individuals to be engaged in a personal battle to join the players within this playing field. In this light, most women have become more than ever prevalent within the bodybuilding and weight lifting circles and even in other sports and athletic arenas. As the playing field gets thicker with the number of players ever increasing, most women have resorted to level this affair through soliciting for the aid of steroids, to try and offset the competition and increase their chances of prevailing in this prestigious circle.

On the other hand most women are finding themselves using steroids since they have acquired a curious disorder known as muscle dysmorphia, which has brought about a distorted picture within which they perceive themselves towards that point where they have see themselves as not having been endowed with muscles, even if its outrightly clear that they have good physical shapes and admirable fitness.

In addition to this, more women have decided to start using steroids due to the sole reason that they have been under attack or within the lines of abuse and they really look forward towards increasing their body strength, and enhancing their appearance, to be ready for anybody out their who is contemplating on attacking them, as well as fending of any kind of abuse.

In general, lots of women who have decided to start the administration of drugs within their anatomies since it is the sure way of lingering in a competition, while their genetic make up does not give them a definite answer for such an endeavor, and also the fact that they must be in serious difficulties with their efforts of losing that extra body fat and increasing that much desired muscle mass. Women with these kinds of issues have no way but turn themselves wholeheartedly to the world of steroids for that much needed extra boost.

The legal issues surrounding steroid usage has made it really impossible to know the right number of women under steroids, though unconventional sources and studies have suggested the number to be really beyond the expectation of many. Steroids used amicably can generate the desired effects that women are looking for.

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