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There is no doubt in the fact that females have achieved a lot more importance in the world as compared to previous centuries in which women were treated as a weaker gender which was of no use but merely an instrument to please men. However, as time passed women actually understood that they must stand up for their rights and try to establish a really strong place within the society. Even men realized that they could not subjugate women this much anymore and therefore, also worked in trying to give women a respectful place in the society.

However, when women started to go out in the society, they were yet faced with the problems of being weaker than men and men even here used their physical strength to thwart women. Sometimes, male threaten the women with their physicality while sometimes males use their physical strength to overpower women and abuse their respect and self-esteem. Many organizations have worked a lot to root out this habit of men from the society but the concern among women about them being less powerful has grown. However on the flip side, women also have become more lustful for power in order to rule over the men.

Whatever be the case, women have had an increased interest in growing muscular strength and power and for this purpose have adopted the way that men mostly use to increase their muscular strength which is the actual use of steroids which help in becoming powerful and strong.

Steroids are the main derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. They are both anabolic and androgenic which makes them powerful and excellent at enhancing muscle strength and body power as well as have the ability to alter the physical and sexual characteristics of the user. Men posses this hormone naturally in their bodies and therefore, the side-effects of using them are minimal when compared with the hazards that women have to face if they use steroids for the same purpose.

The main thing to be kept in mind by women who use steroids is that they contain hormones which aren’t present in their body and there must have been a reason for why Mother Nature did not put these hormones in them. Thus, when women do include this hormone in their body, they react differently as compared to men. The side-effects of steroids in women are enormous and really dangerous. There are three main types of problems and side-effects of steroids in women and each is very dangerous and hazardous for the fairer sex.

One is the physical problems that steroids in women cause. It is true that the physical body will undergo changes and muscles may get strong and puffy but yet, women aren’t really used to strong and puffy muscles. Their body is always thought better by even themselves when it looks slim, sleek and attractive. The femininity slowly but surely evaporates while masculine features start to build in ladies who use steroids. The deepening of voice which contains masculine sense as well as the growth of hair on the face is commonly noticed. Women who use steroids in high doses also develop lack of scalp hair and can also experience baldness which is a really horrible side effect of steroids in women. Other side effects of steroids include the fact that the breast size can reduce while liver or kidney damage is also reported by users of steroids.

Other side effects of steroids are in their behavior and physiological aspect. This includes the fact that they become susceptible to different diseases and infections and as the effect of steroid may remain long term even after termination of the use of the drug; therefore, these infections may continue to irritate them throughout their lives. They become susceptible to heart related diseases as well as skin problems while the steroid’s usage may also harm the balance of hormones within the body of the taker.

Women mostly run the risk of such diseases and problems only to become strong so as to not get subjugated by men but in this modern world, it’s better to head for international organizations working for the welfare of women rather than to take drugs in order to handle the issue of male dominance.

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