Tips On Combating Baldness From Steroid Use

So you’re losing your hair.

Nothing will make a man’s heart drop like that first morning when he wakes up, looks in the mirror, and sees shiny scalp in the spot where he once saw hair. It’s irreversible, and it’s something that all men have to accept sooner or later. Or is it?

The causes of baldness are many. Forty percent of males are genetically pre-destined to be bald. The others go thin and bit more gradually. High testosterone levels contribute greatly to loss of hair. The use of anabolic steroids leads to hair thinning or loss in the vast majority of users.

Men have been fighting baldness for hundreds of years. Herbal quackery held the reigns for many centuries, until recent advances in modern medicine have helped men combat this condition.

Rogaine and Generic Propecia are two popular compounds used to combat baldness. However, not everyone responds to their use, and they only work in certain sections of the scalp. Rogaine, for example, is only to be applied to the “vertex”, or the balding spot in the back of the head.

Hair “plugs” are an alternative, used by plastic surgeons to actually graft new hair follicles to the scalp in patches. This procedure is invasive and unpredictable, and very often unnatural looking. There are all less effective ways, such as scalp massage treatments and of course, the obligatory scalp spray that always runs down the face of the user when the spotlight is the brightest!

Science has been hard at work on a highly effective method of hair replacement that works in everyone without exception. A new technique, called hair cloning, might be the next big breakthrough. Hair cloning involves the creation – through cloning – of hair follicles in a laboratory. These follicles are then injected directly into the scalp of a balding man via needle. Currently, the procedure has shown to regrow hair in patches. However, researchers have yet to figure out how to make the hair grow back consistently, and as thick as it was in the first place. The receptors in the scalp are just too sensitive to testosterone.

Additionally, steroid users will have an especially hard time growing hair, as the DHT levels in the body as a result of artificial testosterone converting, places their scalp receptors in a particularly precarious predicament. For the time being, men will have to choose between steroid use, and trying new ways to combat male pattern baldness, and not using steroids at all. But the cure is coming…

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