domestic use of anabolic steroids

The Domestic Use Of Anabolic Steroids In America

The domestic scenario is one which requires the constant use of steroids to manage some circumstances that would otherwise spiral out of hand. Most of the circumstances that have to be managed in this manner will have to do with the event that there are possibilities of acquiring allergies thanks to the presence of some good animal friends that include dogs and cats. They are especially prone to carrying around plenty of pests like fleas. Some allergies are acquired thanks to substances like pollens and molds. Other people are sensitive to carpet fibers, others are allergic to foods like various meats, eggs; the list is so long. Allergies are not only internal in nature, but they can be exhibited externally in the form of skin disease etc.

Experience from various quarters has shown that after a dog has been taken off such medication, it is likely to fall into a state of wasting and loss of appetite. If this is not managed in time, the dog can be severely emaciated. In the case of cats, the issue of loss of appetite does not arise as much. What takes center-stage is the severe thirst that the animal encounters. This mostly results in the species taking in lots of water and as such the volume of urine is bound to increase. It is quite difficult to tell when the animal is this thirsty, and so you will have to rely on the quality of urine that is being produced. This is beyond the scope of the household and therefore when you suspect that this is the case then you had better seek the advice of a vet.

The fact that animals that are in our households have been known to exhibit symptoms that characterize some aspects of steroid use has prompted researchers to pay attention and start studying some of these behaviors to find if there is any sort of correlation between humans and animals in this regard. Some of the aspects are non-critical to some extent, especially when we are concerned about the mood swings and sudden changes in behavior. True, these aspects are not life-threatening, but it would sure would be good to know what is the reason behind these changing dynamics.

Another aspect that is being studied closely is the issue about the high gain of body weights that occurs two or three months into the steroid medication. For dogs, this is especially a trying time since the consequences are translated into lots of panting even when little activity has been done. Panting is not the only symptom that is seen in these circumstances; the dog also starts showing random swings in the mood. The effects are so sudden that the owner will be flabbergasted by the sudden turn of events. When these symptoms are shown, then the brightest decision that the pet owner can take is to embark on the tapering treatment medication. The effort to take the animal off the medication should not be sudden and hurried, rather it should be gradual so as to let the pet’s body regain its original metabolic balance.

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