Masteron 100

Q: I am in my first week of everyday injections of Tren and Masteron (100mg each) and I am wondering if I should take Adderall everyday since it will kill my appetite, which is out of control?

A: Adderall is a drug some bodybuilder’s take. I don’t recommend it, but some say that it kills the appetite. I just think that’s overkill though. I’m sure strychnine might kill the appetite too, but it’s like cutting a trimming a torn nail with a chainsaw – too much for the situation. Sure, it’s a stimulant like ephedrine, but you may notice that ephedrine was always sold over the counter and Adderall was not. Go to your doc and ask him what he thinks. Just be honest. I know that sounds odd, but tell him what you’re doing. If you have the wrong doc, then go find one that works with bodybuilder’s regularly. The main thing is to find out what it’s going to do to you. It’s a serious drug because of its amphetamine class. It’s like meth and other drugs – you could find yourself fiendishly addicted to it. It actually doesn’t help you lose fat as well as you might think, bar not eating at all.

Masteron brand names: Masteroxyl 100, Mastolab-100, Masteron 100.

Trenbolone brand names: Trenboxyl Acetate, Trenolab-A 100, Trenbolone 100.

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