mexican manufactured anabolic steroids

A Look At Mexican Manufactured Anabolic Steroids

Q: I was wondering if you could get GHB in Mexico. If so, what brand name would it be under?

A: What are you planning on doing, drugging sorority girls on spring break? GHB hasn’t been found in Mexican pharmacies for a long time, at least none that we know. If you find it, I’d bet it isn’t a legitimate business or a legitimate product. It’s just as illegal down there as it is here. They know what time it is with GHB down there, and they don’t want to mess with it. Neither should you, because it’s a recreational drug that has no redeeming value for bodybuilders, other than possibly killing or embarrassing them. No one here advocates recreational drug use, and I don’t imagine any other legitimate magazine does either. You can do a lot of time for possessing GHB, so I wouldn’t risk it!

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  1. I was looking into GHB because it is the only chemical that can give you deep sleep. I don’t get much deep sleep anymore. Some nights no deep sleep. last night I got 14 minute. I feel like it is killing me. my body is breaking down. I’m almost 47. I can’t work out because my body is in too bad of shape. I have a variety of back problems, and an ankle sprain that did not heal.

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