how to achieve better pumps with steroids

How To Achieve Better Pumps With Steroids

Q Everyone always talks about how outrageous AS use is, and how great they feel on it – like some raging bull or sex god who can’t keep it in their pants – but I just don’t get that. I don’t even get the kind of pumps that these guys talk about. Can I at least expect better pumps in the gym sometime soon?

A: The feelings one gets as a result of using AS can vary wildly. Remember, you’re adding a set kind of chemistry to a largely unknown base of chemistry, and creating a one in a million mix. While we’re all human, our chemistry is very different, one to the next. As for feeling like a raging bull, I’d say that it’s really a matter of how AS affects your sex drive and aggression levels. Some experience an intensity in these areas and others do not. Be glad you don’t feel like ripping a phone book in half or dragging a stranger into a dark alley and having your way with her. You could get in trouble with intensity like that, and it does affect a very few in this manner.

When it comes to these things, as well as the pump you get in the gym, the combination of drugs in the cycle you are on is what creates everything from the amount of pump you experience to your sex drive, to feelings of well-being or ill rest. For instance, using Deca and Test is a good combination for strength, well-being, sex drive and wicked pumps in the gym – adding D-bol will just increase the volume of pump you experience, though it may increase aggression or eventually decrease sex drive. So much has to do with the art of applying chemistry, noting your experiences and making good choices based on those experiences.

If you really want that raging bull feeling, try changing the ratios of drugs you do well with, dropping one out and bringing another back in, or try training at a greater intensity. It may be because you are not training hard enough. One can only speculate. Just know that for every intensely positive response you may have to a combination or cycle, there’s an inverted intensely negative response waiting on the other end. Everything that goes around comes around…which is why it’s called a “cycle”.

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