anabolic steroids for dummies

Anabolic Steroids for Dummies

You probably came across this article in search of a primer on how to use anabolic steroids. You know, the “for Dummies” tag was just too enticing, wasn’t it? Well, have you reached this place? Yes and no. We’re not going to give you detailed step-by-step instructions for getting, shooting, and recovering from steroids. Lots of other websites offer those items. Rather, we would like to look at the question as to whether or not people who use anabolic steroids are actually dummies.

There are some very intelligent people who use anabolic steroids, it should be known. You can find doctors, lawyers, and people of all walks of life who use anabolic steroids on a regular basis. We are going to deem them “NOT dummies”. Why? Because they are using them legally under the watchful eye of a medical professional. However, your co-worker “Biff” who was arrested last year receiving 17 tablets of Dianabol from Taiwan and lost his job, car, wife, and home because he wants to add a little mass to his arms well, he would be a complete dummy, right? His dose was actually a lot smaller than that used by the doctors and lawyers, but theirs was legal, which made them cool. This guy must just be uncool, then, right?

Let’s examine the case of athletes that use anabolic steroids. Are they dummies? Well, if two shots each week of a hormone that the body already produces naturally (testosterone) is going to be the difference in an athlete being a bench-warmer in college or a starter in the NBA earning $75,000 per game well, any dummy can do this math. The athlete using natural hormones to more playing ball for one night than you or I make in a year is certainly no dummy. However, the college teammate who also used steroids but shot out his natural T production or lost his college scholarship because of a failed drug test he’s a dummy, to be sure.

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly a person can be categorized as a cheater, a failure, or a dummy, for using the same anabolic steroids used by the winners, the champions, and the wise ones? It’s quiet a double standard, but one that isn’t going to be disappearing anytime soon. It is what it is. Only dummies use steroids, though, right?

You can, however, change this perception in those around you by pointing out the hypocrisy present every time a person in your circle mocks a steroid user. Ask your obese friend if the NBA player with a 72 million dollar contract is a dummy for using them to accentuate his skill set and recovery. Ask your high blood pressured pal if the lawyer using HRT to have better sexual relations with his wife, possess more confidence and vigor at work, and live every moment with enthusiasm is a loser for his happy existence. When people look at things that way, negative and inconsistent perceptions will often change for the better!

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