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Be Prepared For Random Airport Searches

In life, most people like to please others. When an old lady asks you for help across the street, or a co-worker asks you for help picking something up, you immediately help, and enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from assisting others in need. However, if you’re walking through an airport and are approached by members of security (particularly the DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency), it’s not always a good idea to try to aim to please. Rather, you should aim to avoid jail time.

If you look like a bodybuilder, you may be randomly targeted for search by airport personnel or DEA agents working the airport. Even if you breeze through the security checkpoint without no hassle, it is still very possible that you will be targeted for “random” searches by alert drug enforcement agents who will realize that your trip home from Mexico, along with your 230-pound physique, might just be related.

You may be approached by very polite airport employees who wish to double-check your identification. Once you set down your bags and hand them your passport and identification card, they’ll casually ask you the standard question: “You’re not carrying any weapons or contraband, are you?” They already know your answer will be in the negative, but this question isn’t designed to elicit information. Rather, it’s designed as an opening to their next question, “Then you don’t mind if we check your bags to be sure?”

Now you’re in a tough spot. You just stated to them that you have nothing illegal to find. Now they wish to check it. Aside from the inconvenience of having your items handled, messed up, unfolded, and your time wasted, let’s pretend you really are attempting to bring some contraband along with you on your flight. Having your bag searched can mean you’ll instantly be discovered, detained, and possibly see a jail cell instead of a comfortable airplane seat.

The key is to have the courage and strength to politely decline the search. “Actually sir, I do mind if you check my bag. I’d like to leave.” Should be your response. It might be hard to look a DEA agent in the eye and decline his polite offer to send you to jail. You have to maintain your position, however. You know that having your bag searched can only increase the chances you don’t make it home. While it may seem rude, and they may attempt to talk you into it with laughter and veiled threats, you have the power to walk away unless they have a search warrant. Be polite, but be firm in standing your ground. Always decline a search, whether it is at an airport, or during a routine traffic stop. You have you rights, so use them!

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