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Amazing Statistics About Americans And Anabolic Steroid Use

1 in 100 Americans has tried Anabolic steroids. That’s it.

It’s a fascinating statistic. What does it tell us? What useful conclusion can we glean from this nugget of information? Let’s examine some of the ramifications of the fact that only 1% of Americans have actually tried anabolic steroids in their lifetime.

The stories about our children are greatly exaggerated

The mainstream media talks about how our children are all in danger of using anabolic steroids thanks to fallen heroes on the baseball diamond. Well, those children must know something that we adults don’t. It’s very hard for adults to obtain anabolic steroids, despite having much more knowledge and financial means than children. Children have much higher barriers to access of legit American anabolic steroids online. It’s more likely than when “20 to 50%” of high school aged children admit to steroid use, they are grouping supplements such as creatine, whey protein, or even ephedrine or caffeine, into the steroids classification. Or they’re just lying. The media, none too wise on actual steroid terminology and salivating at the chance to run with this misconception for headlines’ purpose, perpetuates this inaccuracy.

Steroids don’t make you Mr. Olympia

If they did, then 1% of people would walk around looking like Superman. Since we can all agree that the vast majority of Americans can be classified as “Skinny-fat”, or lacking any definition or real muscle, then it’s safe to say that American steroid use doesn’t automatically equate to massive gains. The number of people who “look” like bodybuilders in our society is much smaller than 1%.

Steroids really are that hard to obtain

Think about what one has to do in order to obtain anabolic steroids. You must able to afford health insurance, and lucky enough to be able to convince your doctor that you are in need of artificial hormones. This is no easy task, especially in today’s political climate where federal agents have been raiding doctor’s offices from California to New York to Florida. Most doctors are simply too spooked to prescribe any effective level of testosterone for bodybuilding purposes. Or, if you don’t have a doctor, you can try to purchase them online. Smart buyers will use Western Union to pay, and have the package delivered to a different address using a different name. This is very difficult for most people. The fact that only 1% of people are able to try steroids at some time is a testament to the rarity that steroids actually are in our society. Illicit drugs like marijuana and cocaine are much more readily available, despite being much more dangerous.

Most people in your gym really don’t use steroids

It’s easy to look at others in your gym, be envious of their physiques, and blame it all on steroids. However, knowing that only 1 in 100 of them has ever tried steroids, it really takes away from the case that they’re only better than you because they have juice and you don’t. Chances are much better that they have superior physiques because they train harder, and eat and rest with more discipline.

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