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Common Risk Factors For Prostate Growth

Listen up, men. This is your prostate talking. I’m the small organ inside you which regulates urinary and other functions. I have an evil plan. One day, I plan to kill you.

Okay, take a breath. It’s okay. I’m not the type to sneak up on you while you’re bench pressing and drop a weight on your head. And I’m certainly not the kind of guy who would spike your Dianabol with arsenic. No, my plan for your demise is much more treacherous. I’m going to lie in wait inside of you. I’m going to stay quiet for about fifty years. Then I will grow. Half of you will see me growing by age 50, and the other half of you will see it later. If you give me enough time – and nothing else kills you first – I will develop cancer one day which will spread throughout your body. I am your prostate, and one day, if you live long enough, I will kill you.

Wow – that’s cynical! However, it’s true. The prostate is a fickle organ and it does start growing when you get older. Men over the age of fifty should enjoy a nice prostate test each year (ouch!) to ensure theirs isn’t growing and cancer is not present. Plus, in order to live longer, you should be aware of the other factors which can lead to prostate growth earlier in life, which can open up the door to cancer. Here are some of the most common and relevant factors for bodybuilders.

Steroid use

If you use steroids, you are at an increased risk for prostate growth and cancer. Men in their twenties commonly possess prostates the size of their fathers. They often return to regular size following AAS use, but this doesn’t nullify any illnesses which develop before then.


Unfortunately, this category doesn’t just apply to people with 40% body fat. Men who are 245 pounds at 14% body fat are still considered obese by many body mass indexes (BMIs). Their prostates have no clue if the 40+ pounds of fat they are carrying (and 245 pounds of total weight) is impressive onstage or not. All the prostate knows is that the body is overweight, and overweight people have more prostate issues than their skinnier counterparts.

Elevated estrogen levels

Use of anabolic steroids (and even prohormones) can lead to spiked estrogen levels. Use post-cycle therapy medications to keep these levels in check. When estrogen levels rise, the prostate grows, this can place you at serious risk – especially because it’s very common that elevated estrogen levels accompany obesity.

Unhealthy vices

Smoking and drinking, particularly together, create a synergistic effect which can lead to an increase of cancers in the body, including prostate cancer. Couple heavy drinking with AAS use in a heavy man, and you have a person prime for prostate cancer risk!


If you consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, your body will contain a wealth of anti-oxidants, which help to kill the free radicals in your bloodstream which can cause cancer.

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