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Q: Okay, I’ve been on a cycle now for 7 weeks. For the first 5 weeks of it, I was using Test E 400 (400mg EW) EQ (600mg EW), and Winstrol (50mg EOD) along with Letro. In the fifth week, I dropped the Winstrol and the Letro out and added Proviron (75-100mg ED). Ever since I did that, my sex drive has been down very low! Could it be from dropping the Winstrol or anxiety from the EQ? I have never suffered from performance anxiety, but I’m starting to. I have a lot of ladies I like to hang out with and this is killing my friggin’ social life! I’m only 24 dude! HELP!

A: Okay, first off, this is weird, because you should have a sex drive through the roof on Proviron at that dose!  You should practically be putting on a ski mask and waiting in the bushes for the first attractive female, dude!  It could be mental, but we suspect that your estrogen levels are up at the same time. Are you noticing any gyno or decreased results? We’d suggest maybe starting some HCG for about a week or 10 days, mid-cycle – about 600-800 IU’s EOD. You should also start the Letro again, because it may have been suppressing progesterone levels. In the interim, if this is ruining your sex drive and – ahem – rather active social life, until you get it sorted out you should take some Viagra or Cialis. It’s really hard not to have a sex drive on Proviron, as we said, so something’s rotten in Denmark, as they say. What’s more, adding test in with that should make you walk around with a hard-on all day long.  Go have some blood work done. We’re not doctors.

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