anastrozol is the anti-estrogen bomb

Anastrozol Is The Anti-Estrogen Bomb!

Q: This is not a question, rather a compliment on a product you suggested called Anastrozol. This stuff zaps estrogen like mad. I’ve been on very heavy doses of Cypionate (2,000 mg a week) and felt like I was developing a lot of gyno. But man, when I went on Anastrozol, it disappeared almost immediately. Thanks for the tip. By the way, I cancelled my order for Lentaron, a Swiss prescription anti-estrogen, it costs about 4 times as much as Anastrozol.

A: Thanks for the response, and obviously I agree with you, Anastrozol is the real deal and your story proves it because 2,000 mg of Test a week is a lot of Test and anybody would get significant estrogen buildup from that! But the fact that it successfully zapped all the gyno you developed form all that Test just proves how potent it is! And the reason Anastrozol is so potent is because like Lentaron, which is a drug designed to treat breast cancer, it’s a “suicide” aromatase inhibitor, which means it kills the aromatase enzyme. And when this happens, Testosterone cannot convert to estrogen! So it’s an estrogen blocker from hell basically. And, whether you need to block estrogen from high Test doses or just need to get harder and leaner, I highly suggest you take it because every man walking the planet needs more to buy Testosterone and less estrogen! But here’s another cool thing about potent anti-estrogens, they also elevate Test. This always what happens when you suppress estrogen.

This process works because aromatase is also involved in the formation of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). And as the name implies, this binding hormone binds the Testosterone sex hormone. And you want as much Test “unbound” as humanly possible. So even if you take just small amounts of Test, or none at all, never fear because Anastrozol (anti estrogen) also elevates Testosterone which all the women will love. And your muscles will love all the extra Test because you’ll grow as well as get super hard on this stuff!

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