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How To Properly Monitor Steroid Use

Moderation is the key in life, right? Too much of anything will kill you, no matter how terrific of a death it would be. When it comes to steroid use, moderation is very important for maintaining your health, and setting yourself up in a position where steroid use can occur safely for years. Many young athletes, feeling invincible and not thinking about the future, will consume any steroid they can get their hands upon, at highly toxic levels. They don’t worry about health effects, and they don’t have a finish line. Their goal is perpetual growth. This is destructive behavior and doesn’t contribute to long-term bodybuilding success. Instead, you should write a map for reaching your goals, and plan each step accordingly.

Set a goal

The first step in successful AAS dosing is to set a realistic goal for yourself for the first cycle. A gain of 10 to 12 pounds of lean body tissue over eight weeks is a realistic goal. This will prevent you from hitting the buffet and gaining 10 pounds in the first week. If it’s your first cycle, your gains may exceed this (due to your fresh receptors) but you should set expectations low so there isn’t a major letdown should you not reach them. Besides, 10 to 12 pounds of muscle gain will make you look a new person, and is a tremendous gain for any bodybuilder.

Determine best dosing to reach this goal

A dose of 500 mg weekly of testosterone and Deca is more than adequate for a first cycle. Your body will be very responsive. Starting low allows your body to still respond to higher doses down the road. Beginning with a high dosage means it’s all downhill from there you’ve already created a ceiling. From there, the only way to improve is to raise the AAS use to dangerous levels. Start moderately.

Be prepared for roadblocks

You’re going to catch the flu. Your girlfriend is going to break up with you. You’re going to have some crisis at work or school which is going to derail you. The best laid plans of mice and men so often go awry, and cycle planning is no exception. Build a little slack into your cycle, and your expectations, so you don’t feel crushed when reality kicks your progress train in the teeth every now and then.

Seek consistency in all other factors

One of the main reasons that steroids are so effective for bodybuilders is that they very often use the AAS-use period as their first truly dedicated period in terms of nutrition, sleep, and supplementation. In other words, they may have been slacking on some of these areas before, but that time is over now. At this point, they’re paying a pretty penny and putting their health on the risk, so “half-assing” it on the other factors just isn’t an option. Be sure you are 100% solid in following all nutritional, sleep, and supplementation guidelines. Eat every meal on time, consume a great deal of protein, and take your supplements. You’ll have plenty of time to break diet and stay up late playing video games once you’re off cycle. Get the most out of it now – you’re already paying for it!

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