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Summer Time

OK, officially summer has started. You wouldn’t be sure as temps don’t really suggest it, but officially summer time has started.

Not only can you be sure of it by looking at the calendar, the activities in the steroid world suggest the same thing. Well, lack of activities, that is. Looks like everyone is thinking about the summer, and everybody has stopped doing what they were doing and are just relaxing.

In the same way there is almost no steroid related news these days. After the arrests in the past month (Mainly in Texas) and DDoS attack on bodyofscience nothing really happened since. Bodyofscience is still down, community is still speculating who is behind this, but no real discovery has been made.

If you haven’t finished your cycle before summer, or are still thinking about a cycle, good news, you can get 6% discount on one order at (they sell Dragon Pharma). No hurry though, you can use it until end of July.

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