Q: I have 200 – 10mg Anavar tabs from Dragon Pharma. They are awesome and I hear really potent. I was thinking of doing a small bulk cycle on them like this:

Week 1: 20 mg, Week 2-5: 40 mg, Week 6-7: 50 mg, Week 8-10: 20 mg, Stats: I’m 24, 5’5”, 10% bf, train all the time.

A: I’m completely baffled by this. Anavar is not a bulking drug. And while you can put on a few pounds of muscle – or really, rather change your body composition by flipping fat lower and muscle higher – it’s not really a cycle I would do. Number one, the only drugs that should be run alone are Test drugs. Anavar should be combined with something like Winstrol or Equipoise, and really only when you want to get lean and keep size – such as for a competition.

I don’t recommend you use Anavar alone, because you’ll burn out receptors for that drug and then when you come to use it again, it won’t work. Number two, you are wasting it be spreading it out. If you must do this cycle – which I do not recommend – I would do 6 weeks at 50mg with a few days building and a week coming off slowly. Then run 10 to 20mg Nolvadex in the last week, and for another two weeks after that. People make the mistake of “building slowly” and that is not what benefits. That is what burns out receptors and makes it useless to you.

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