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Testoxyl Cypionate – Versus – Synthetic Test

Q: Dr. Deca, A doctor friend of mine told me the best way to take Testosterone is to take small amounts, about 300 mg every 3 weeks. He said this will augment my own Test because this amount won’t shut-down my own production, yet it’s still enough of a “spike” to build muscle! What’s your opinion of “low dose” Testosterone intake?

A: My opinion is the same as your doctor friend, this is the smartest way to take Testosterone! And, unfortunately, many bodybuilders haven’t been so smart over the years and have abused synthetic Testosterone.

Jeff Everson, the editor of Planet Muscle (a brilliant strength and bodybuilding guy) said it best in a recent Planet Muscle article when he said, “the smarter you are, the less chance you’ll have at winning the Mr. Olympia.” And the reason for this is, it take a ton of drugs to look like they do, and if you are really smart, you wouldn’t take this many drugs! So yes, the best way to take Test and other steroids is to take smaller amounts for shorter durations of time!

And an even safer way to take Test is to take some of the new Androgen Releasing Factors that cause massive amounts of internal Testosterone release! The most potent one I’ve seen is called Testoxyl Cypionate, by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Testoxyl Cypionate works more efficiently because of a pharmaceutical coating that ensures all it’s Androgen Releasing Factors are not destroyed by gastric acids. And so impressive is this delivery system it ranks in up to 98% of the delivery rate of injections! Try it and see why thousands of Testosterone guys are switching to compounds like Testoxyl Cypionate!

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