Q: I’ve been using 8 tabs of Mesobolin™ a day like was suggested, and I’m freaking out because this dose is giving me similar effects as when I was dosing 20 mg of Anavar a day! I know this gets expensive, but I was spending nearly $500 a month for the Anavar. And since there are no side-effects with Mesobolin™, this route has treated me pretty well! Thanks for telling me about Meso, I’ve been doing research on the internet about its ingredients, this stuff is definitely for real!

A: Thanks for your input! And you’re right, 8-10 tabs of Mesobolin™ a day can have very similar results as moderate amounts of mild anabolics like Deca, Anavar and Winstrol… and this is saying a lot, especially for something that is completely legal! And you’re right about all the search results on Mesobolin™, because its four active anabolic agents have all been thoroughly researched by legitimate European pharmaceutical companies, and the Europeans have been at the forefront of steroid research for decades!

So, you decision to switch from Anavar (Oxandrolone) was a wise one indeed! Hey, can you imagine stacking them together! Now you’re really talking, because 30mg of Anavar is a very safe dose. Or better still, stack Mesobolin™ with TridenosenH™ for a more powerful Anavar-like effect, for much less money! The reason for this is, Anavar is an ATP facilitator through increased ceratine phosphate synthesis, and TridenosenH™ is an ATP powerhouse. So by stacking Mesobolin™ with 5-ATP, which TridenosenH™ contains a lot of, you’ll get an Anavar-like effect, without having to spend 500 “smackeroos” a month to get so ripped and hard… and that’s exactly how this stack will make you look.

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