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Effective Supportive Therapy For Anabolic Steroid Users

Drugs are very hard to quit because a lot of hem tend to be very addictive. Heroin for instance can make you an addict after taking the first shot. Alcohol on the other hand can cause you a lot of financial distress and public embarrassment, but still it becomes difficult to quit. Apart from the health side effects associated with taking drugs, drug addiction can leave you penniless.

Steroids are also very addictive and it takes a lot of courage and determination to kick the habit. All you need to consider are the side effects which arise out of taking steroids and they will act as motivators in helping you stop the habit. It is true that anabolic steroids in the long run are normally accompanied by a variety of side effects such as shrinking of the male testicles, lowering of the sperm count, impotence, acne, loss of hair, loss of libido, enlargement of the clitoris, liver problems, chronic heart conditions, loss of femininity in women, facial hair on females to list but a few. Due to the probability of suffering from the above complications it is quite necessary for an athlete to observe the necessary measures before becoming a user. Health is very important for any athlete, and therefore considers the effect the steroid abuse will have on you and your spouse.

The first step a body builder needs to take is to decide the right time he is supposed to stop the intake and this will help him prepare himself. He should channel his mind accordingly and develop a proper state of mind which will enable him develop the right attitude to stop using the drugs.

The time limit will enable him to develop the necessary mindset to be able to achieve this and this can be done through predetermining the right time to stop using the drugs.
Do not be in a rush to make the decision when you are going to stop using the steroid, but instead make sure that you make the decision in a quiet and conformed manner. Strong anabolic steroids should not be reduced drastically but instead the process should be slow, so that the body responds well. Before the stoppage date the user needs to reduce the levels of intake moderately until the stoppage date. Steroids are also very addictive and it takes a lot of courage and determination to kick the habit. If you find difficulty in quitting you can join a support group which can also be very useful for you. I for one used to be an addict. I had tried kicking out the habit and it took me about two years before I eventually joined a support group. During these meetings we would share our own personal experiences with using steroids and these proved to be a great source of encouragement.

You know what they say no man is an island and sometimes even the best of us need to gather help from various sources when the going gets very tough.

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