According to, there are some Mixed Martial Arts fighters who are taking steroids to boost their performance. In the summer of 2009, MMA heavyweight Josh Barnett tested positive for steroids. Some say that he was just a poor scapegoat of the test being effective.

However, another top 10 heavyweight, Shane Carwin, tested positive for steroids earlier this year. He got the drugs from J. Michael Bennett. Shortly thereafter, he was sentenced to four years in jail for distributing steroids to his clients.

Carwin received the PED’s in late 2006, but claimed that he never used them. It is unknown as to whether he was on steroids for his UFC heavyweight title unification bout against Brock Lesnar at UFC 116. If he had defeated Lesnar, there would have been a dark cloud over MMA because he would have been the undisputed heavyweight champion.

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