the longest steroid cycle

The Longest Steroid Cycle

Question: What is the longest you know of someone being on a cycle? I have heard people say that they have been on for close to 20 weeks before. Could this be possible without committing murder or something?

Answer: I just had to laugh when we got your question. Not because of the question itself, but the mention of murder. I guess you could say there was a little bit of recognition there! Listen, cycles are relative and the length you stay on them depends greatly on several factors. There are three main criteria: One, it depends on which drugs you’re using in combination. Two, it depends on how you have brought them in and out of the cycle throughout the time you stay on. And three, your overall tolerance of chemicals, physically, emotionally and mentally, is greatly dependent upon your own chemical make-up. You certainly need to take that into consideration when determining how long you’ll stay on. I know some guys who probably shouldn’t be on for longer than 6-8 weeks because they are intolerant physically, emotionally and mentally. They are chemically sensitive and react strongly to whatever they take from anti-inflammatory drugs to sleeping pills to steroids and should just stay off most chemicals. Then again, I know some people for whom Anabolic Steroids use hardly phases them in these ways. You’d think you were meeting the most calm, well-adjusted person in the world. And that isn’t to say that while they are tolerant, they are not getting results or are dull in some form or fashion to chemicals.

The point is, it all depends upon your chemical landscape, and you don’t know how long you will be able to tolerate an AS cycle until you try. A good suggestion for you if you are considering remaining on longer than the requisite 8 weeks or so: Try to really research your cycle, rather than just slopping it together. It’s important to know, for instance, that some drugs like Deca don’t kick in until the fourth week or so, and therefore, should remain in the mix longer. You can almost map out your actual cycle in one color ink on a graph, and then map out when they begin kicking in and working with another pen. This shows you that there is often a great amount of overlap there and that many people actually don’t stay on long enough, or don’t combine the drugs that are compatible in terms of half-life and effectiveness. As for the actual amount I’d heard someone stayed on, it’s horrendous, about 6 or 7 months straight. When he finally came off (and he came off relatively slowly too) he was suicidal. I don’t recommend any cycle exceed 12-16 weeks. You’ve pretty much gotten what you need from that cycle if that’s how long you’ve been on it, no matter what its content and combination. Besides, you have a wicked mess to clean up in terms of your own body’s mechanisms and secretions. You’re pretty much at ground zero in terms of actual natural hormonal function after 4 months, so it’s a good idea to have a mop up plan! One last thing: Don’t stay on for an indeterminate time. In other words, don’t just keep going, prolonging your cycle without some kind of idea of why you are. Drugs tend not to work, and side effects worsen when you do things like that, not to mention the fact that the receptors burn out for longer periods of time with that practice. Set your time, plan your cycle intelligently, and quit while you’re ahead.

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