Dianabol is the popular trade name for Methandrostenolone, and it is an extremely popular oral steroid. Dianabol has an anabolic effect, and it does not have as many androgenic side effects.

On average, athletes take 10 mg- 100 mg per day. With this kind of steroid, taking more is not always better, because side effects increase when the dosage is increased. Side effects for Dianabol may include liver toxicity, water retention, acne, increased blood pressure and aggression. In addition, Dianabol is best used with injectable steroids like Deca. A cycle with Dianabol usually lasts for 6 weeks or less to minimize damage to the liver and side effects. If you want to boost your results with this steroid, you should start a low dosage Dianabol cycle for longer time periods instead of a high dosage, short term cycle. For example, you can take Dianabol for 8-10 weeks at a dose of 10-20 mg. As a result, you will be safer and you will make excellent gains. If you take a higher dose for a short amount of time, you can expect water retention to be more significant.

Most people start a Dianabol cycle when they need to gain muscle mass in the off-season. Most people add about 10-20 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks when they take Dianabol, train hard and eat an adequate amount of calories each day. Keep in mind that some of the weight gain will be fat and water retention, but you will retain most of the muscle mass after you end your cycle.

In addition, Dianabol promotes the build-up of protein in the body and it improves well-being for many people. Plus, Dianabol is fast-acting, it increases endurance and reduces cortisol in the body. If you are beginning a bulking cycle, Dianabol is a good choice for you. You may not want to use it for cutting, but you will increase your strength and size. Many people gain 3 to 4 pounds each week, especially in the first 5 to 7 weeks. Keep in mind that women should not use this steroid because of its androgenic characteristics. In addition, if you want to minimize the aromatizing effects, you can take Dianabol with Nolvadex and Proviron.

Make sure you train heavy and often, if you want to make excellent gains with a Dianabol cycle. However, you should take a few days off each week to rest your body. Dianabol will enhance your workouts, and you will be able to lift heavier weights for a longer amount of time. Make sure you eat enough, because you will not be able to build a lot of muscle mass if you do not keep your calories high.

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