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How Long Should Your Steroid Cycle Last?

Q: I’m now stacking 200mg of Test a week, 200mg of Deca, and 20mg of D-Bol a day, and I’m sitting huge! I went from 191 to 213 in just 5 weeks! I want to stay on for another 19 weeks for a strong 24 week cycle! What is your opinion of this stack?

A: My opinion is it’s awesome, and congrats on getting so big! However you are staying on this cycle far too long! Remember you’ll be taking 540mg a week, 200mg Deca + 200mg Test + 140(20mg x 7 for the D-Bol). Now, this is not a t all a huge dose by todays standards, it’s more in line with what guys used thirty years ago, but it will still greatly impede your natural test output after just a month or so! I would suggest a 6 week cycle followed by 6 weeks off, and then go back on once you have regenerated your test! Another idea is to use testosterone compounds and anabolic agentsthat do not impede your natural test output! CorTESTEN is a real testosterone compound by Pharma-Stuttgart and it uses a novel approach to testosterone therapy by dramatically increasing what’s called ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) which increases androgen in the bloddstream.

Additionally corTESTEN contains several phytochemicals that have shown in numerous clinical studies to dramatically increase LH (Luteinizing hormone) production which then produces androgen from another faucet, so to speak. So corTESTEN increases test two ways, through increased ACTH production and increased LH production! This is a much better approach because you do no have to “ween” off like you would with steroids.

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