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Facts For Ladies That Want To Use Steroids

As a lady you should be very hesitant before jumping on the bandwagon that is steroid use. It is very prudent that one gets the best advice possible from a qualified physician and for more comprehensive and responsible reasons one should get lab tested before starting on the maiden dosage of anabolic steroids. What good will the lab tests help achieve?

There are two main reasons why they are important. Firstly you will be able to keep tabs on the state of your body once negative effects start becoming evident. Secondly you will be able to know exactly what points the body started manifesting negative results (point(s) of return). Some of the common lab tests that can be taken for these reasons will involve maintaining logs on T3 and T4 levels, the levels of testosterone and estrogen, the blood pressure and the heart rate, and both liver profile and the lipid screen.

The reproductive system in the ladies is an issue of major concern before one decides to start taking or using steroids. The changes that are inherent in the reproductive system mostly have to do with the menstrual cycle. The use of anabolic steroids may have an impact on the menses making them irregular and erratic. The amount of menstrual flow is a characteristic way of judging the impact of steroid use.

Menstrual flow can be irregular and the normal tell-tale signs are variations in the flow heaviness, inconsistency in the normal days, cases of periodic spotting, and even to the extent that there is virtually no menstruation for a number of months. All these variables depend on the type of steroid that is being used, the dosage used and the duration in between the use cycles. Charting the menstruation cycle is a very beneficial initiative because it can help to monitor and assess the reverting of the cycle back to normal once the use of anabolic steroids is withheld.

Well, what are the ‘positive’ side effects that women encounter upon using steroids? They are more or less the same as in men. They include an increase in the muscle mass, an increase in strength levels, reduction in the amount of body fats, an improved athletic profile and prowess, an increase in the level of self-esteem, being less vulnerable, and an increase in the libido. Other benefits will include better oxygen utilization thus greater endurance and fast recovery, and an increase in the rate of protein accumulation and consequent reduction in the amounts of nitrogen being excreted. As you prepare to use steroids realize that:

  • Steroids do not work overnight. You have to use them in successive cycles and do this while maintaining a healthy diet and disciplined workouts.
  • Stick to the recommended cycle period. Here is a sample cutting cycle for women.
  • It will be necessary to use steroids in stacks or cocktails i.e. in the company of other drugs that will improve the steroids synergistically
  • Steroids are used to build muscle and not to lose weight
  • It is important to start on steroids once you have trained for a minimum of 2 years and at when you have reached an optimal body weight
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