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Talking Anabolic Steroids: Sustanon

Let’s talk Sustanon! Of all the available AAS out there, the anabolic steroids Sustanon always seems to receive more than the lion’s share of attention. Why is this? What is it about this particular testosterone that makes is so popular among bodybuilders?

Well, for starters, Sustanon isn’t a testosterone. Rather, it’s a combination of four different testosterone’s Instead of one shot of one kind of testosterone, you are actually taking one shot of four different kinds of testosterone’s Why is this important? Well, each of these four blends has its own different release rate in the body. You take one shot of testosterone, and it’s like giving your bloodstream four different releases (shots) at differing intervals over the next 15 days. Then, you take your second shot three days later (as part of your twice-weekly routine) and suddenly you have a situation where you have 4 to 6 shots all hammering your bloodstream at the same time.

Sustanon is easy to inject. No burn, as is seen with testosterone suspension, since Sustanon uses a nice oil mixture that works well when injecting. Starting cycles for beginner should be 400 to 600 mg per week. Once you have run 2 or 3 cycles, you can bump your way up to 1000 mg (or one full gram) per week, divided into two weekly shots, of course. Since anabolic steroids Sustanon cycles start slow, as do all testosterone oils, you would be best advised to start the cycle with some oral steroids as well, for perhaps the first 2 to 3 weeks.

Anavar is a safe bet, and Oxymetholone is a more powerful and results-driven bet! You’ll see two more weeks of terrific results by jump-starting your cycle in this manner.

You should limit your total testosterone cycle to about twelve weeks, or 14 to 16 weeks absolute maximum if you have run a few cycles before and have a fairly good idea of what your body is capable of handling. The anabolic steroids Sustanon is one of the badder testosterone out there. You can picture 8 testosterone releases per week bouncing around your bloodstream. The results seen by users of Sustanon pretty much demonstrate why it is so popular. Users see incredible jumps in red blood cell count, blood oxygen levels, endurance, dietary protein uptake, sexual virility, stamina, strength, recovery ability and more. Most users of testosterone Sustanon never want to return to lesser steroids such as Winstrol or Anavar. It’s like going from a Kobe steak to a McDonald’s cheeseburger. The cheeseburger will fill you up, but you sure miss the quality and results that the steak gave you. Sustanon is certainly steak in the testosterone hormone world!

If you have done your research and have a pretty good idea of the health risks, legal ramifications, and other potentially damaging factors of using testosterone injectable, then you should be ready to give Sustanon a try. After twelve weeks, you’ll have a new body, look like a new man, and you’ll be ready to take on the world once again!

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