how can testosterone supplementation help your heart

How Can Testosterone Supplementation Help Your Heart?

Many readers of bodybuilding magazines and websites often spend hours learning the positive effects of testosterone and other steroids upon the muscles of the. However, health issues related to steroids often take a distant second. At age 20 or 22, many new steroid users often feel invincible, and don’t worry about health of their organs, particularly their heart. As they grow older (and sagging testosterone levels make testosterone supplement a more and more necessary treatment), their health – particularly their heart health – becomes more and more of a concern. Fortunately, there is adequate evidence that testosterone supplementation actually helps heart health. Let’s learn more!

First off, let’s be abundantly clear. If you take 10,000 mg of testosterone per week, you are putting your heart at risk. If you’re taking a high dose of any hormone or type of AAS, you are creating any number of known and unknown side effects which will complexly nullify any gains. If you use abusive levels of testosterone, you will cause your health to be adversely affected.

That being said, moderate use of testosterone (100 to 400 mg per week) for health purposes can have a profound effect upon the function and health of heart tissue. Statistical risk of coronary artery disease, as well as Type II diabetes, lessens. Blood flow in the body, as well as in the heart, increases. Instances of atherogenesis lessen. Body fat levels decrease, along with a gain in lean muscle mass. This has some psychological effects as well. You may be more likely to have a positive mental attitude if you’re feeling stronger, leaner and healthier, which may lessen frustration or other negative emotions likely to spurn a cardiac episode. The risk of stroke is lessened as well, given the fact that the heart pumps blood to the brain, and a healthier heart simply pumps more blood.

In five or ten years, this argument will likely be a moot one. Given the current trend of HRT clinics and the number of men who are living longer- and better – than ever thanks to the use of synthetic hormone, it’s safe to say more and more users will be reaping the benefits of improved heart health from testosterone use. Heart disease claims 50% of Americans. Once the aging masses become aware of the fact that testosterone supplementation can help them to prevent heart disease, the use will skyrocket.

In order to get the most out of your heart, follow general health practices. If you’re going to use anabolic steroids or synthetic testosterone, use it in moderation. Get your blood pressure checked frequently, and limit the amounts of fat and cholesterol in your diet. Bodybuilders don’t eat a dozen eggs in one sitting anymore, and for good reason. Likewise, the idea that it’s safe to bulk up 50 pounds over contest weight has long been disproved. Use common sense and keep health as your first goal as you bodybuilding and grow old. Without health, it won’t matter how you look, unless your goal is to be the biggest guy in the funeral home!

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