chondroitin sulfateThis steroid is also known by the abbreviations CS and has been shrouded in controversy since it was discovered. It is mainly extracted from animals such as pork and sharks. It is an important component in the making of connective tissues of various types of animals such as human beings. The controversy surrounding this supplement stems from its widespread use in the field of bodybuilding and in athletics.

Most of the arguments advanced by the people who are in this field stem from ignorance. Most of the ideas used to oppose its use do not have the necessary scientific evidence for verification to be done. Its stimulating role is a cause for concern to many. When one has a damaged or an impaired organ, this steroid is used to bring quick replacement of the damaged tissue cells which then embark on the role of rebuilding new tissues.

Majority of the researches which have been carried out have been monitoring thousands of subjects. This has been going on for about 2 or3 years. The findings of these researches are yet to be conclusively analyzed and the findings presented to the world. In the meantime, this steroid is being used in many European countries as a form of therapy for those patients with blocked arteries, a condition commonly known as osteoarthritis.

The preference for this steroid results also from the ease with which it is absorbed into the body’s internal system. The available data in support of this finding is overwhelmingly large. When it comes to reducing pain, it has produced astounding results. The steroid has also been hailed as a good remedial source for those with joints that are not functioning well enough.

This cure for joints does not happen overnight, though. It will take up to eight weeks before you can be able to see any clearly discernible results. This will be seen eight months after the completion of a three-week therapy session. From there, the benefits will surely start accumulating.

The dosage requires you to take an average of 900mg of the steroid per day. This is the case if it is in the purified form. This program follows from many years of effective studies the patterns of occurrence of arthritis. This dose is best subdivided into two parts, although there are no reported cases of problems when one dose is used instead.

The emphasis on the part of the medical experts has been that the form of Chondroitin Sulfate steroid that they use is purified to ensure that it contains the highest levels of the supplement possible. The reason why they have made this emphasis is the discovery that the more the concentration, which means more supplement content per cubic milliliters of the steroid, the more its efficiency.

The truth is that some other forms of Chondroitin Sulfate, which are abundant in the market, contain exceedingly low content of the actual steroid material and this has been closely linked with the controversy, because such a reduction hampers its effectiveness as a form of supplementation therapy. This state of affairs is what makes some people develop a firm negative stand against the steroid.

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