how to get a hold of difficult to find steroids

How To Get A Hold Of Difficult To Find Steroids

Q: I am having a hard time procuring steroids for any upcoming cycle. It’s like I have to wait six months to acquire everything I need for one cycle! Then once that is over, that starts all over again. What gives with the current steroid market – has it officially dried up?

A: I doubt the market will ever totally dry up, considering there are scientific minds out there always inventing new molecular combinations. But you raise an interesting point: With recent increase in arrests, indictments and the world’s attention on the issue of AAS as a systemic problem in the U.S., beefed up customs activity, etc…, how we train and what we use is in the process of a drastic change. First, let’s look at the most obvious, apart from busts: The cost of doing business has skyrocketed over this past year or two, and people are not making it.

Whether you own a retail store or are a steroid distributor/ dealer, there’s a possibility it costs more to do business. Also, certain countries are not automatically suspect for steroid activity, and are having a more difficult time sending material here. With the demand by customers of resend policies, if packages are seized, it’s hard to stay alive unless you’re a legitimate lab. Remember, too, we’re in an Olympic year, and that heightens security around AAS. Good thing supplements have given us other choices – better than I imagined would ever be available, and there’s always HRT. Legal hormone replacement = 250 mg of testosterone. Hey, at least it’s FDA approved!

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