how to prepare and protect yourself from a search warrant

How To Prepare And Protect Yourself From A Search Warrant

If you are a buyer or seller of anabolic steroids, you are always at risk for either the person who sells to you, or those whom purchase from you, finding themselves in the custody of law enforcement and giving up your name in an effort to protect their own freedom. Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding search warrants, the pieces of paper they’ll need to search your home or work premises for evidence of illegal steroid contraband. Use this information to prepare and protect yourself.

What is a search warrant?

A search warrant is simply a piece of paper. It’s a court order which is signed by a Federal magistrate or State Judge, and it legally grants law enforcement officers the right to suspend your Fourth Amendment rights for a short time. They are then able to search a specific place, for specific listed items, for a short period of time. A search warrant is issued before any search can be conducted. Without a search warrant, anything law enforcement officers find in your property is not admissible in court.

How does law enforcement (LE) obtain a search warrant?

LE must fill out appropriate paperwork detailing probable cause they believe demonstrates proof that a crime has occurred in this location, and that evidence exists at this location to prove it. In most steroid cases, probable cause will consist of testimony gained from a suspect in another case giving information to LE to keep himself out of jail. Other times, probable cause can be found from searching a person’ garbage and discovering evidence of steroid use, sale, or manufacturing.

What are the grounds for ‘probable cause’?

In most states, the requirements of probable cause are very low. A few items in the trash can, a few sales which are recorded, or simply the word of a former business associate are often all that is required for LE to obtain a warrant.

How soon must LE use the warrant after it is issued?

LE has ten days to search premises once a search warrant is issued. In reality, however, most are executed, or used to enter and search premises, within 12 to 24 hours.

What can I do if I hear a knock on my door, and open it to see a search warrant?

Answer no questions and ask to see a lawyer. Give permission for nothing, but don’t stop them from executing the search warrant legally. If you’ve followed good common sense in storing your steroids, they won’t find anything anyway. Good luck, and be safe!

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