best anabolic steroids available

A Look At Some Of The Best Anabolic Steroids Available

Q: What are the most effective and least effective supplements out there?

A: That’s such a loaded question, but I’ll just tell you my opinion:

First off, I do find Muscle Tech products to be absolute overpriced crap. But that’s my opinion. I think carb blockers are useless, most of today’s thermogenics (some are good) most protein bars, Z-Test, Boldione and most of the andro-poppers. Myostatin inhibitors are also pretty useless. Some good ones, in general, are L-arginine, 1AD for sure, M1T, Glutamine, BCAAs, and NO supps. Some are better than others of those also. Some people have had good results on 1TU, though I would disagree. 1AD though, for sure, is a good one. I think missing mentioning multivitamins (probably the most important for synthesizing everything you eat or supplement) is missing the boat. Also, fish and flax oils are a good staple. I think they’re a must have. But none of these are a substitute for food or good nutrition. Don’t skip meals. Meal replacements are only good if you have 4+ food meals a day along with them. Otherwise, I don’t believe in them. They are “supplements” to an already good diet and training regime.

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