how to build muscle and massive size to your physique

How To Build Muscle And Massive Size To Your Physique

Q: I’m 19, never used drugs or pro-hormones (and don’t want to) but I still want to get big, but I don’t want to interrupt my natural hormone function because I know it’s still very “strong” at this point in my life.

A: Hey, you must be reading my columns. Yes, it’s very smart not to interrupt your natural endocrine function because you have an untapped reservoir of natural test and GH waiting to “unload” into your system…you just have to know how to release it! And this is a much better approach than to actually impede this amazing testosterone machine! And, due to the recent pro-hormone ban and crack down on steroids plus the increasing documentation of their dangers scientist are now researching new ways to tap this hormonal faucet.

One compound that really unloads the testosterone is corTESTEN from Stuttgardt Pharmacy. CorTESTEN works by inhibiting the shutdown of testosterone as you age! And remember you own DNA specific test is always best! And, you don’t have to increase it that much to really blow-up! Now lets add some Mesobolin to the mix and you’ll get four natural anabolic agents that engage protein synthesis like prescription steroids but with no hormonal side-effects! So stay with this method and you’ll have a constant and increased flow of testosterone and never impedes this vital hormone.

And, doctors are confirming this…that hormonal interruption does have serious medical consequences! So be smart and use natural augmenters like corTESTEN and Mesobolin and you will get big guaranteed!

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