how do teens respond to steroids

How Do Teens Respond To Steroids

Teens are victims of a lot of peer pressure and that this is the major reason why they have resulted to using steroids. A lot of teens who participate in athletics end up using steroids because they feel that training harder and eating well are not enough to guarantee them success when they are competing. There is a lot of unhealthy competition among the teens and each one wants to appear well toned than the other and such stress is usually unproductive.

The first step the society needs to do is to hold discussions which talk on the importance of healthy competition. This discussions should include each stoke holders such as the coach, and also each team member. These discussions should focus on the side effects which are associated with steroids. If some of the team members are already using steroids then they should be given advice on how they could stop using them. The best way to discourage them from taking steroids is through enlighten them as to how effective proper meals and exercise are to boosting there athletic performance. Encourage them to have role models who have succeeded in there athletic careers without taking steroids.

They need to be informed how the IFBB is against any form of steroids and therefore should they start taking steroids they are only hurting there chances of performing internationally. Almost every international sports body are against the using of steroids to enhance performance and if an athlete is discovered the punishment are usually dire.

The parents and team coaches need to be informed about the signs to look for in order to determine whether a person is on steroids. Some of the signs include, unnatural mood swings, increase in facial acne, and super natural growth in muscles. Should any of the signs be present the teen should be taken to a doctor who can be able to examine whether the youth is on steroids.

What the teens fail to understand is that this steroids give them false hope and its all in there mind when it comes to performing well. If they are made aware about the consequences of taking steroids I am sure they will refrain from using them. Not only is taking steroids harmful to your health but it can also land you a jail term. Most states in the US prohibit the use of steroids in there laws. And therefore if you are caught using steroids it could earn you a jail term.

Nowadays, many teens are using steroids and this is the more reason why the society needs to be more aggressive in educating them about the dangers of using steroids. If possible you could even make them attend forums whose sole purpose is to educate the youth about not using steroids. Some teens are also using dietary supplements unaware that they to could be accompanied by very dire consequences. If they really have to use the dietary supplements then they should first seek a medical opinion before they start taking them.

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