how the liver is affected by steroid usage

How The Liver Is Affected By Steroid Usage

The liver is without doubt the organ that bears the biggest brunt of steroid usage. There are three key factors with regard to steroids that contribute to the choice of words that have been used to introduce this article. These factors are the ones that wholly determine the unpleasant functions that the liver is disposed to doing when a person decides to willingly take up the consumption of steroids. The first of these is the amount of steroids that are consumed in a particular time interval. Secondly it has to do with the constitution of the particular steroids i.e. its type. Last but by no means least is the amount of time that the athlete has been on active steroid use.

The common statement of affairs in the body is that the blood contains certain chemicals that can tell whether or not the liver has been damaged and indeed they can also pass clues as to what extent the liver has been damaged if this is the case. These chemicals include SGPT and SGOT. Medical technology has been developed such that traces of these chemicals can be measured and the quantity will tell if the liver is being worked above the natural demands. Of course this is in the context of steroid usage.

For persons who are active users of these substances it has been proved that their blood contains twice as much SGPT and SGOT as would be the case in non-users. True to their nature, these chemical will gradually reduce to their normal quantities if and when the person decides to withdraw from steroid use. This may of course be too late in the case of hardcore juice users since serious side effects may have already been developed. To hammer down this very point I will let you in on the fact that no evidence has been tabled to establish that the liver’s damaged tissue will ever be repaired at all. This is long after the SGOT and the SGPT have ceased to be secreted to the blood.

Another crucial fact that you must bear in mind is that the liver is hard pressed to break down oral steroids compared to the lighter task of dealing with the injection-based steroids. It is therefore wise to settle for the latter so as to save the liver for longer. Oral steroids give the liver a daily nightmare and the number of cells that are depleted in this effort is incredible. This severely incapacitates the liver’s ability to act as the chief gateway into the body. When this happens then the liver is opened up to conditions that will have potentially lethal and fatal consequences. The gravity of this condition is one that all prospective users should weigh carefully.

One of the conditions that often results from prolonged steroid use is known as Peliosis hepatitis. The result of this condition is that the liver becomes filled up with sacs of blood and therefore its functions are all but completely handicapped.

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