Steroids have been around for a while. With the steroids has been the rumor that they shrink the size of your “junk.” At the same time, they make you a lot bigger in muscle tone if you work out with the steroids. Using steroids does have a bad stigma to it. A lot of people shy away from steroids due to what they see in the magazines. In case you do not know what steroids are, they are organic compounds that are found in plants and animals. Steroids are known for making bodybuilders big. However, one major concern is that of the size of a defining part of the male anatomy.

Contrary to popular opinion, steroids do not necessarily shrink your penis. However, as far as the other parts of your junk, it has been said to decrease the size of your testicles for a temporary amount of time. This does depend on the steroid and the person using the steroid. There are some people that say that their penis actually grows with steroid use. However, word of mouth can sometimes be very misleading. It seems the only way to find out what it does to your total package is to try it out for yourself.

The main reason that people take steroids is to put on a lot of muscle. The supplement causes a rise in testosterone levels which could cause certain side effects. There are many different types of testosterone which take different amounts of time to kick in. There is one supplement which will take within 2 to 3 days. Another supplement will take as long as 10 days. Some people who have used steroids would say that proper usage will give the best results with minimal side effects.

It is not recommended to use steroids unless you have a lot of knowledge about the substance. If you will educate yourself on everything about this supplement, then you can decide whether or not you want to take it. There are many things that you must research. You should research its make up, its benefits and its side effects. Even with the research, you are still taking a big risk due to the fact that you do not know how it will work for your body. It is probably better to take part in a diet that consists of all of the vital nutrients and build your muscle from protein.

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