Parabolan – The Slaughterhouse Steroid

Originally designed for cattle to increase size and mass before slaughter, Parabolan has become a highly popular anabolic steroid in recent years. Formerly called Finaject, and recently discontinued in medical laboratories, it is still arriving from overseas sources with regularity.

Parabolan by Dragon Pharma, or Para for short, is a highly popular anabolic steroid because, well, it’s a damn strong steroid. Active substance is Trenbolone Hexa. Users notice an immediate gain in muscle mass and body weight, as well as increased aggression and sexual function. Fina isn’t recommended for beginners. New users will typically have an incredible reaction to their first cycle, and all following cycles will be less effective due to receptor burnout. It’s better to reserve a ‘magic bullet’ like Fina for a third or fourth cycle, when results are becoming scarcer and the bodybuilder need a tremendous boost. Also, the more experienced bodybuilder at that point would be more keen to the side effects.

Parabolan has more benefits. Noteworthy to pre-contest athletes, Fina helps bodybuilders to burn body fat. GH and IGF levels rise. Blood hormone levels spike which makes any compounds stacked with Parabolan additionally effective.

Parabolan has some side effects. The most noticeable, and worrisome, is kidney damage. Many users of Parabolan notice a darkening of the urine, a clear sign that the kidneys are not functioning as they should. If you have a genetic pre-disposition to liver cancer, do not even consider Parabolan. It is extremely influential upon muscle belly receptors, but also to receptors in the organs as well. Parabolan brings low water retention, but some documented cases of gynecomastia in users.

Parabolan is legal to purchase in the United States by veterinarians. It can also be purchased on the black market in 20 CC vials for $100 to $175, depending on volume purchased. Effective dosage is 75MG administered every other day. Parabolan should be used for four to six weeks, the cycled off for 4-6 weeks. Parabolan can be stacked with just about anything, but is commonly used in cutting cycles to give the body a boost during that immune system weakened phase. Winstrol and Clenbuterol are commonly taken in conjunction with a short cycle of Parabolan.

If you’re looking for a serious anabolic steroid, then buy Parabolan, it might be right for you. It’s often more readily available than other compounds due to its veterinary uses. Be very wary of the side effects and as always, put health first when gaining muscle!

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