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The Evolution Of Steroids

Steroids are often referred to as synthetic hormones because they are made artificially using male hormones. Sometimes the word anabolic androgenic steroids are used. In this case the latter term suggests they exhibit two different characteristics and in deed they do.

They are anabolic in that they lead to buildup of stronger muscles and they are androgenic in the sense that they result in increase in increased masculinity. Steroids bring with them many side effects and there is no doubt about this. Some affect just the way a person appears while others threaten life. Liver and kidney illnesses are something that all steroid users fear. The inefficiency of the heart caused by hormonal inefficiency as a result of steroid use is even a greater cause for worry among anabolic steroid enthusiasts.

For a bodybuilder, having to display your six packs with baldness in your hair does not augur well with his ego, yet on the other hand, we cannot deny that there are desirable effects of steroid use. The same case applies with women whose major problem in their steroid life is cessation of menstrual cycle and subsequent occurrence of infertility.

In 1965, steroids were officially used for the first time by the team from the Soviet Union. The event was the world weightlifting championships. Research interest in steroids had now begun and was a worldwide undertaking. Athletes followed suit and really ensured that they took steroids which would enhance their masculinity, appearance, strength and performance. It was also during this time that steroids were now finding their way into hospitals to cure childhood illnesses.

The story is told of how performance enhancers started being used in the ancient Greek Olympic Games where they were administered as diet consisting of meat. Scientists were able to isolate testosterone in the 1880s and this marked the beginning of modern-day use of steroids. It was found out that masculine traits occurred upon using substances rich in testosterone.

The issue of steroid use among superstar athletes and bodybuilders has not ceased to make headlines in the contemporary media. This is not to say that they don’t have some legitimate uses. Lung problems and muscle wasting are some of the problems which are effectively corrected using steroids.

Although bodybuilders and athletes use steroids to improve their performance, choosing the right steroid to use, the right cycles and the desired dosage pattern for the best results to be achieved is a very tricky thing to do. It is impossible, for instance to find steroids which are without side effects. Lean muscles can be effectively increased using steroids and this is why steroid are so popular with bodybuilders.

The glory they receive through muscular prowess motivates them to sink deeper into the dependency such that they are psychologically tuned into trying more effective brands. One way or the other, they end up accumulating a pool of risks deep inside their otherwise healthy bodies. The prudent thing to do is try and reduce the risks involved by consulting your health care provider and also going for those steroids which have a proven history of success.

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