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All Athletes Do Not Do Steroids

The major reason why plenty of people avoid doing drugs is due to the associated health consequences. This is a very legitimate reason depending on the duration and degree of use, but for me that was not why I avoided steroids. According to me the side effects and other health threats which are said to arise after taking steroids and other performance enhancing pills are a great exaggeration especially by the media. The idea that you could fry your brain if you take steroids is absurd, because were it the case no one in there right judgment would have used steroids as part of there bodybuilding. In fact the exaggeration of its side effects has lead to the wide spread use of steroids.

The reason why I avoided steroids also has nothing to do with my moral standing with regards to steroids. In fact I do not consider steroids immoral because they do not infringe on the rights of any other party. As long as what you are doing does not hurt any other person, then who am I to tell you what is right or wrong. In fact many professional bodybuilders will lie that they do not use steroids because if they admitted they used steroids, people will question there integrity.

The major reason why I decided to go the natural way and not use steroids had nothing to do with health consequences or whether it was moral or immoral. My main motivation was the ability to reach my highest potential without any outside interference. It was a matter of focusing the human body, spirit and mind. Once you are able to control these three aspects you will be able to rip the benefits of enjoying your life to the fullest. You will not be able to experience true fulfillment from your bodybuilding success if the results were artificially produced. When you attain great results the natural way, you will develop character, persistence, integrity, and determination. All this attributes will help you succeed not only in bodybuilding but also in business and other areas in life.

If you’re incredible body was as a result of taking the ‘˜wonder pill’, I really doubt if you would experience the same joy as a person who transformed his body using the natural way. You will not be able to build your character in such a short time.

Bodybuilding the natural way helps you release your inner power, which you can not be able to do when you are using steroids. You tend to place a lot of belief on the drug instead of believing in yourself. Most people are not aware about the immense source of power they hold on the inside, and the moment they discover how to tap it they achieve greatness. What comes from the outside has no potential of making you stronger.

The brain is a very important and powerful tool in bodybuilding. The only thing which limits you from doing anything is your level of imagination. If you manage to channel all your mental thoughts toward succeeding in bodybuilding, there is no way you can fail in your goal.

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