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Anabolic Steroid Use & Acne

The positive and negative side effects of using anabolic steroids are pretty well known to most bodybuilders considering their usage. You probably already know that you’ll see some gains unlike anything you’ve ever achieved in the gym in your natural training journey. Muscle gains will come faster than ever, even without added effort. That isn’t to say you won’t be training harder, you won’t have a choice. The added muscle will make you look and feel better. Your aggression will be through the roof, and your endurance will be greater in and out of the gym. Additionally, you’ll look leaner and your body will be much harder all over. These positive results are the reasons tens of thousands of bodybuilders around the world choose to enter the “dark side” and begin steroid use each year.

The negative side effects of steroid use are more varied, widely exaggerated, over-reported, and yes, even under-reported. Most people will scream something about the testes shrinking and cancer, both of which are legitimate concerns. However, testicular atrophy is a temporary condition that even your partner probably won’t notice, particularly as you’ll be more aggressive in bed than ever before. She will probably not be complaining all that much. Cancer of the internal organs, particularly the liver, can be an issue if the bodybuilder uses for a long period of time without taking a break. Good usage rules allow for 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off, ensuring the system has time to recover. Assuming you have been having blood work done to keep track of your liver enzyme levels, cancer should never be a concern to responsible users. Other side effects include hair loss, if it’s already in the cards for you, as well as bloating and Gynecomastia. Then, there is the acne. Skin breakouts are very common with steroid users. But is this the only cause of acne in AAS users? Let’s look at some points of view.

The food that is consumed along with a steroid cycle can also lead to poor skin quality. As you may know, when on cycle’ you can eat everything under the sun and you’ll probably be fine in terms of muscle gain and body fat loss. Your skin may not react so well to all that sugar and fat. Your steroid use may get the blame, but your dietary habits might be at fault. Equally, misleading is the exposure to sweat you may be giving our skin. If you’re suddenly training for 2 hours in the gym 5 or 6 days per week, your skin is suddenly faced with a great deal more dirt and oil than it’s used to. Many bodybuilders already suffer from acne as a result of their age and the fact they spend 10 hours per week in a very sweaty state. That animal’ mindset is effective for building muscle, but also very messy for personal hygiene habits!

To fight acne, whatever the cause, use specialized acne-targeting soap instead of the standard type your mother always bought you. Accutane is very popular with people all over the world, but it can be very toxic on the liver and lead to some seriously dry skin. Since you’re already flirting with liver damage by using steroids, the last thing you want to do is compound your risks by adding more orals to the mix. Use this only as a last resort, and when your doctor has prescribed it, well aware of your

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