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10 Workouts To Gain Mass During Your Bodybuilding Training

1. Sticking to free weights in all heavy sets
You might be under the assumption that the normal very heavy machines will deliver the required results for your muscles. The fact of the matter is that machines are nearly not as effective as free weights in spurring the various body muscles into growth. Machines are not recommended for compound motions.

2. Use compound motions in your training
Instead of going for the less intense isolation exercises, you should prepare yourself for the compound workouts which will bring about a whole body workout effect. Compound motions may also involve some level of cheating. You can take advantage of this and use it carefully so that you will attain greater muscle separation and strength.

3. Establish the areas that need improvement
When you step into the gym, do so having done a self-examination of the body parts you really want to grow. Of course, this does not mean that you injure yourself by doing too much on a single part; it should be simply to improve this part so that it grows evenly with the rest of the body.

4. Experiment with diverse workouts to find the best one for you
This can be illustrated in guys who usually concentrate on single workouts so much that they forget about the other body parts. Doing so many squats may develop your upper body and do little in comparison for your legs. The squats should be complemented with leg presses etc.

5. Always be wary of injury
There are lots of guys who have had otherwise promising careers nipped in the bud by simply not taking good care of themselves, especially with the heavy types of workouts. The squats are very notorious for bringing about slipped discs, torn pecs, or strained erectors. Always be on the lookout and ensure that you do the workouts in the recommended way.

6. Be sure to use optimum sets
The most effective way to train is to ensure that every body part is trained using a 16-20 sets range.

7. Restrain yourself from counting exercises
As far as the above point is concerned, you should bear in mind that some muscles only require two different types of training while some require as much as four or five different training motions. Don’t count four to five and assume that you are okay. Be sure to do as much as possible for a given muscle group.

8. Be sure to do optimum reps
For whatever workout you are intent on doing, you should always be ready to do the enough number of reps that will take you to failure. This is because it’s the only way the muscles will be spurred into developing and growing optimally.

9. Be a flirt with the maximums
When you are experimenting with the maximum weights that you can possibly do, you should not make haphazard attempts for the very heavy weights. Experiment with caution.

10. Be sure to eat enough meat
Proteins, especially from meat are some of the best you can use for increased muscle growth. The meat proteins will add to your muscles, while the fat will do good for your joints.

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