muscle worship

Muscle worship can be construed to refer to a form of reverence for a muscled body. Basically, a muscle worshiper touches intimately the muscle formations and contours of another person referred to as the dominator. An individual may team up with a colleague body builder or a fan for sessions of intimate and sensual caressing of their bodies. Although generally regarded as an immoral culture, muscle worship is today quite a common arrangement across the genders.

Muscle worship involves the worshiper caressing the dominator in a sexually stimulating style rubbing, kissing, massaging or licking the muscled body. In most instances of muscle worship relationships, the dominator is a body builder, a fitness specialist or anyone with a huge body size. The object of worship is high degree of defined muscle groups. On the other hand, the worshiper in most cases though not always skinnier, out of shape or even smaller as compared to the dominator. As already stated, muscle worship cuts across the board, when it comes to both gender of the participants and their sexual orientation.

It is not yet documented from whence muscle worship originated. It is neither accurately attributed to a particular region or period of time in the body building history. The practice continues to gain popularity and especially in central Asian and western nations. The liberal culture of our modern society accorded sexual orientations has also seen muscle worship gain a form of acceptance especially among professional body builders.

During muscle worship, variations of practice are as many as there are muscle worshipers. Sometimes forceful domination on a subject and even infliction of some pain may occur during muscle worship. How the worship is executed according to personalized preferences of the participants. The muscle worship culture also varies widely among most body builders. But one thing remains constant, the sensual appreciation of muscled physique.

The variant desires of participants for example, can see a dominator using his or her huge size and massive strength to forcefully pin a worshiper. He or she would then continue to force a worshiper to give praise to the dominator’s muscles. If cooperative, the worshiper will then proceed to sensually massage the muscles to complement the praises. In other instances of muscle worshiping may see a worshiper spectator as the dominator flexes his o her muscles. In such cases, the worshiper proceeds to feel and compliment the dominators muscles and muscled physique.

In recent times, muscle worshiping gas also gone commercial. Body builders, both male and or female, conduct muscle worshiping sessions to interested worshipers for a fee. Such prized sessions help body builders supplement their incomes which in most cases are low and or nonexistent. Today, competitive body building takes long to make money for the body builder and the income is also irregular. It therefore comes in hardy if the body builder can make a dollar or two by showing his or her muscles to a fan in a private session.

Most muscle worship sessions rarely develop sexual consummation. Though sensual, these relationships are basically stimulation specific. One thing is for sure though, muscle worshiping sessions offer body building fanatics, whether male or female, the rare opportunity of meeting with and even touching a muscled physique of a person they admire.

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