Tiromel for Pre-Contest Cutting

So you want to get lean. You want to shed some body fat and show up onstage this year in the crispest, most sliced conditioning of your life. You have dieted before with fairly good success, and you know what works. You’ve used legit Clenbuterol for sale online and ECA (a combination of 25 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, and 250 mg aspirin) to help shed the fat, in addition to cardio and caloric restriction. But this diet, you need an extra boost. You’re certainly not ready to go the DNP route and risk some serious exposure to danger for just a bit of added fat-loss boost. But you know you need something new. Why not consider the use of Tiromel (also know as Cytomel) ?

The thyroid is a glad in the body that regulates you metabolism. The use of a drug like Tiromel helps to increase the energy needs of your body, essentially increasing the furnace that is your metabolism. If you’re using Tiromel (liothyronine sodium) as a natural bodybuilder, you may begin to notice muscle loss. This is because the body isn’t designed to burn calories as fast or as efficiently as Tiromel will allow. If you are using a small cycle of testosterone, you will be able to fight the inevitable catabolic state that your body will be attempting to enter.

The advantage of using Tiromel alone over other fat loss drugs, are few. However, in the course of a complete pre-contest phase, it can lend a helping hand when you are behind on cutting and need to get in shape fast. Tiromel is legendary for being able to pull out those last few pounds of fat when conventional means fail to make you any leaner.

Are there some long term risks from using Tiromel? Of course. As with any drug, any time you alter the body’s functions, there are risks. The body typically recovers very quickly from short cycles of Tiromel used during a dieting phase. However, longer term use may result in the need for longer term recovery. Some bodybuilders, particularly those that live on AAS year-round, have found Tiromel to be a useful drug to run year-round as well. It allows them to eat anything they please while enjoying the off-season bulk. You see, it is possible to gain muscle while using Tiromel. It’s nearly impossible to gain muscle while using Clen or ECA. However, the long-term use of Tiromel can result in impaired thyroid function.

When the cycle ends and it is time to come down from the Tiromel, you don’t need to worry about the use of PCT (post-cycle therapy) for the thyroid. Granted, you’ll likely be running PCT to restore your own natural testosterone level plummet that has occurred due to the use of other androgens during your cycle. However, the thyroid is a very resilient gland and should return to standard operating mode within a month. Tiromel is a safe drug to be used by intermediate to advanced bodybuilders when ECA and Clen just aren’t getting the job done alone.

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